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I'm Tracie, a wedding and boudoir photographer based in Roanoke, VA. I'm always up for an adventure and like most photographers you'll talk to, i'll travel anywhere to capture the perfect picture!  My passion for photography started in college with a roll of film and a camera you had to wind. 


My photography can be described as crisp, colorful, and candid! I love capturing life as it is in that very moment. I believe we have many moments in life that are worth capturing and I'd love to be able to capture your most unforgettable ones.

Why did I get into photography? A question i'm asked almost every time I meet a new face. I always answer with the same statement, I love creating memories that in 10, 20, 50 years from now you will look at your photos and fall in love with that all over again, by remembering how life felt in that very moment. 

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Roanoke, Virginia

Tel: 540-915-3151

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