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About Tracie



Taking photographs started as a hobby, but through years of hard work and dedication, I‘ve turned it into a fulfilling career. I’ve traveled to many places in the world, captured real, honest to God love, been present as precious babies are brought into the world, among countless other once-in-a-lifetime experiences. I've captured the beauty and unique qualities of each milestone of life since starting Hoprich Photography in 2014 and it has been the most fulfilling path I could've chosen for this crazy thing we call life.

Photography is the main way in which I share my experiences with the world, and I hope you enjoy browsing through my photos as much as I enjoy taking them. My goal is to photograph as much of the world as possible, share the excitement of as many first kisses as I can, and create timeless moments that will live on for eternity. 

Awards & Nominations:

Over the years, I've entered a global Shoot & Share photo contest. Connecting 160+ countries and tallying hundreds of millions of casted votes, I was ecstatic to have 3 of my images move on to be finalists in 2020. Exactly half of the images submitted received a top, 10%, 20%, or 30% placement. 

Check out my placements from the past 4 years! 

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